The Stride Club

A group dedicated to improving the way people move and striding towards their individual goals.

The Stride Club - What is it about?

Having experienced the pain of a career ending foot injury, Lachie Stanton soon realised that not only can you be restricted physically, but you can develop a limited mindset of what you believe is possible.

Limiting your movement limits your choices to do the things you want to do. We need to remember that our body is the vehicle for our mind.

The Stride Club focuses on progressing your physical capabilities to teach the behaviours necessary to improve your mindset – we just happen to be a dedicated running program.

Lachie Stanton

Podiatrist and Runner

The Stride Club - how it helps

The Stride Club helps to gain back your freedom through creating a plan, improving your running ability, performing weekly running sessions, and using the strength of the group to chase your goals.


Improve your movement and flexibility

Improve your work-life balance

Feel stronger mentally

Improve ​​​​​​​fitness

Reduce risk of pain & injury

Run for longer

Our Programs

At Peak Sports And Spine Centre, we cater for all types of runner. Please find below the type of run that is most suitable to you.

Striding Out - Long Runs

60-90 min

This is designed for those who want a slow longer run. Great way to introduce a friend to running!

  • Group session
  • Long steady run
  • Great for building a base or introducing a friend
  • Taken by Podiatrist
  • All ages

* HICAPS and Private Health use available

Most Popular

Taking Strides - Group Session

45 min

Take the first step in freedom through movement.

Group running sessions performed weekly focusing on a thorough warm up with technical running drills, interval and speed training, and injury preventing warm down exercises.

  • When: Every Tuesday and Thursday am
  • Where: PEAK
  • Time: 5:20 am – 6:15 am
  • Bring: Running shoes & Water bottle.
  • First session FREE.

* HICAPS and Private Health use available

Custom 1-1

12 months

A personalised Podiatrist / Running Coach for an entire year.