In November 2012 we opened Peak with the belief that life is about having great experiences.

Our team is obsessed with working together allow you to do the things in life that mean the most to you.

We noticed that it was frustrating when different health providers didn’t talk to each other which ultimately meant that your goal wasn’t achieved in the shortest amount of time or in the most cost effective way.

We are values drive organisation that sets high standards for ourselves and strive to be the best.

Our team consists of:

● Physiotherapy

● Chiropractic

● Podiatry

● Massage

● Clinical Pilates

● Women’s Health

● Biomechanics

● Footwear

The question we ask ourselves is: “Who is the best person in our team, at any given time, to solve our patient’s problem?”.

This approach allows us to move you out of pain, prevent it from returning and allow you to focus on what you want to do.

I want to thank-you for trusting the Peak team with your health and for allowing us to do what we love.

Dream Big,
Matthew Stewart
Peak Founder
Physiotherapist & Chiropractor