We accept Gold and White DVA card holders.

We accept them for the following:

+ Chiropractic
+ Physiotherapy
+ Clinical Pilates
+ Podiatry
+ Orthotics

What are chiropractic services?
Chiropractic services treat musculo-skeletal dysfunction involving a system of therapy
based upon interactions of the spine and nervous system. Treatment can include spinal
manipulation, also known as chiropractic adjustment, and corrective exercises.
Manipulation, or adjustment, of affected joints and tissues restores mobility, alleviates pain
and muscle tightness to allow tissues to heal. These services must be delivered by an
accredited Chiropractor.

What are physiotherapy services?
Physiotherapists treat physical, respiratory and neurological conditions using techniques
such as massage, manipulation and exercise.

What are podiatry and footwear services?
Podiatry services include diagnosis, routine maintenance, selected soft tissue surgery, and
physical therapy on your feet. Treatment may also include the prescription of medical
grade footwear, footwear modifications and orthoses


No, your therapist will bill DVA direct for any treatment provided to you if the service
is provided under DVA arrangements. This represents the full fee for the service provided.