Online Prevention Classes

PEAK Sports And Spine Centre is excited to offer our current and future athletes the opportunity to maintain and improve upon their fitness and strength all from the comfort of your home. Whilst it may not be the ‘traditional’ means of the exercise arena, the benefits of keeping your body and mind active far outweighs the option of avoiding exercise altogether. Using video-based communication, our coaches are determined to deliver you the most up-to-date and easy to follow exercises to suit your capability.

We understand that for reasons outside of anyone’s control that exercising may not be possible within PEAK, that is why we are committed to still provide our individualised program to help you meet your goals for the future.

We welcome anyone, from beginners to long-term athletes to try our new way of delivering you this essential service. There is no time like now to get started on taking your next step to putting a positive foot forward.

For new athletes we generally begin with a 1:1 appointment – to better understand what equipment you have at home, the space available, ensuring the technology used for the video call is adequate and what goals we are working towards!
We are proud to say that we don’t use ‘recipes’ or ‘one-size fits all’ approach with our online prevention classes.

From here, we can offer either:

Whilst not being able to provide any manual therapy treatment, Telehealth is still a great platform for:

  • Continued 1:1 private coaching
  • Participating in a group session

Note: Group sessions have a maximum attendance of 4 athletes, and are still individualised programming

Who may benefit from this service?

Anyone can benefit from online, exercise led prevention classes. Some examples listed are:

  • Athletes in isolation
  • Athletes who are in the ‘critical age’ barrier for COVID-19
  • Athletes who may not be able to reach PEAK due to distance from their home
  • Athletes who need to be at home caring for their family
  • Athletes who are struggling to motivate themselves for exercise
  • Athletes who may not know what exercises suit their goals or physical capacity
  • Athletes who are currently unable to train for their given sport but are looking to gain an edge over their opponents.


We use the ‘phyitrack’ app as well as ‘Google Hangout’. This is explained how to set it up and use for the program prior to the exercise session.

On top of your normal training gear (towel, water bottle etc.) you will need a device (tablet, phone, laptop etc.) that allows the coach to see you performing the exercise.

You will also need adequate room to perform exercises (roughly at least two large beach towels worth of room)

Depending on the session type (1:1 or in a group) sessions will go for 45 minutes-1 hour.

You should check with your health fund, but in most cases the answer is yes. This is due to our programs being custom designed by qualified Physiotherapists/Chiropractors.