Quality Care For Injured Workers

At Peak Sports And Spine Centre, we understand just how important it is for injured workers to be healthy enough to stay at work, or recover as quickly as possible and make a successful return to work.

At Peak Sports And Spine Centre, we understand just how important it is to effectually assessment, treat and manage a workplace injury. The team at Peak has a significant amount of experience managing workplace injuries and the successful return to work.

What is WorkCover?

WorkCover is the statutory insurer for workers’ compensation in Queensland who provide insurance that can pay the wages and medical costs of employees who have been injured due to their employment.

When a worker is injured, Peak Sports And Spine Centre’s consultants can provide a wide variety of services and treatments revolving around an individual’s specific health conditions, working environments and recovery goals. From analysis of work tasks, assessment of work risks, workplace ergonomics, to developing fitness programs that improve overall health, Peak Sports And Spine Centre can provide the best solutions to ensure your safe return back to work, moving on towards a pain-free and successful working life.

How we can help you

At Peak Sports And Spine Centre, we understand that getting injured at work is frustrating. With our team approach, many treatment techniques and cutting edge facilities we can help you get out of pain and back to work.

What to expect

  • Latest techniques
  • Latest equipment
  • Practitioners experienced in workplace injuries
  • Team approach to solving your problem
  • Quality care


No. We maintain the same quality of assessment and treatment regardless of your injury status.

Yes. We will need look at some of the information provided on the WorkCover certificate.