Chez Freeman


Chez graduated from the Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honours. 


Chez has a holistic approach to therapy, focusing on not only the structures damaged, but also what the person could do without the constraints of pain.


Originally choosing physiotherapy with the ambition to become the physio for the Wallabies, Chez quickly came to realise the fulfilment that came from working with people of all ages and abilities.  Now coaching people through their pain and/or dysfunction and helping them return to the activities they once could do without being limited by pain.


Beyond pain, Chez has a keen interest in high performance, which is not exclusive to elite athletes. Chez believes that high performance is relative to the individual, and that by providing the necessary tools and utilising a tailored strength and conditioning program, anyone can achieve experiences not felt possible.


Chez understands that physical and mental health are not independent of each other and often compliment each other. After completing his first marathon as part of a fundraiser for Beyond Blue in 2019, Chez undertook an additional fundraiser with his family for  as part of the 2020 Push-Up Challenge to further promote physical activity and social connectedness throughout lockdown. Chez now continues to promote psychological, social and physical wellness through his practice as a Coach at PEAK.


Outside of PEAK, Chez enjoys keeping active with variety, being found at many sporting locations, a gym or tending to his plants field. He is really looking forward to the reopening of international borders so he can travel to Japan and carve up the slopes on a snowboard.