Pranay Singh


Pranay is a physiotherapist at PEAK who originally hails from the Fiji Islands. Having lived in Brisbane for the past 10 years, he graduated from University of Queensland with a Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy with First Class Honours.

His inspiration for this career path started off with two subsequent sports related ACL injuries that required surgical intervention. After 18 months of physiotherapy rehabilitation in three years, his first hand experience of being on the receiving end of therapy made for a compelling career choice as a physiotherapist.

Rehabilitative treatment allowed him to move on from crutches to participating in weekend sports, running and cycling better than he had imagined and it substantially impacted on the quality of his life. He is also familiar with the frustration of a recurring injury and he aspires to use his personal experience and clinical skills to help athletes of all abilities to manage their pain, prevent future injuries and achieve goals they’ve not felt possible.

Pranay spends his leisurely moments keeping active either at the gym or outdoors, connecting with friends and family, travelling and spending some quiet time with his kindle.