Gold Coast Marathon

Join the PEAK team for the ultimate Gold Coast Half or Full Marathon Experience

Experience the Gold Coast Marathon Festival

We are registering a team of PEAK athletes to take on the Half & Full Marathon at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon Festival on July 5th 2020.

Whether you’re a first timer looking to set a new goal to motivate and challenge your fitness, or a more experienced runner wanting to improve your personal best time – the team at PEAK has the tools to help you out of your comfort zone and across the finish line.

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Improve your Experience

Our team at PEAK will maximize your experience by helping you improve all aspects of your training.

Improve your running technique

Join our Stride Club – Weekly group speed & interval training to improve your running

Build your running strength

Manage your injuries and improve recovery time on the Anti-Gravity treadmill


Improve ​​​​​​​your technique

Balance your training

Improve ​​​​​​​running strength

Improve your flexibility

Run faster & for longer

Reduce risk of pain & injury

Join Our Team

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned runner, we are giving you access to all the support you need for pain free, personal best running.

Our Package Includes

Half Marathon & Full Marathon options

Package details:
  • Team singlet
  • FREE 45min running assessment
  • 16 week training program
  • FREE Access to Stride Club
  • Access to Alter G (Anti Gravity Treadmill)
  • PEAK Team Long Runs
  • BBQ on race day
  • Discount voucher for The Athletes Foot

*Late registration fee applies for entries made after 5th May 2020


What if I develop an injury and am unable to compete on the day? PEAK does not provide refunds in the unfortunate incident that you are unable to compete on the day.  We will try to work with you in finding an athlete to transfer your race entry to – however there are no guarantee’s.  A $10 transfer fee will occur.

If I have already entered the race, can I still join the PEAK team? Absolutely, all we need is your race information. There will be a gap payment of $85 required which then give you full access to the 2020 PEAK Gold Coast Package.

To join please contact us

(07) 33993318