Peak Sports And Spine Centre now has access to the latest in 3D laser technology for custom orthotic prescription as part of its Podiatry service.

Orthotic Therapy is unique service offered at Peak Sports And Spine Centre by our experienced Podiatrists. When used in the right way, for the right person, a custom orthotic can prove to be the difference in resolving injury of the lower leg. We believe the best results occur when a custom orthotic is combined with other therapies such as ART, mobilisation, and foot strengthening exercises.

What are custom orthotics?

An orthotic is a unique and highly specific treatment option for Podiatrists. They are carefully designed devices that are inserted into your shoes for a specific purpose – commonly to reduce tissue stress that is causing pain, or to allow the foot to function from a more economical position.

Despite some common misconceptions, these devices are not a one size fits all solution nor can they be simply bought off a shelf. Instead, they are created by a Podiatrist, an expert in foot biomechanics, to the exact specifications of your foot shape and size. The design process requires multiple steps, with the final device created to suit your needs.
The cause of your problems can be the destructive and harmful forces going through your feet and legs due to their structure and movement patterns. Unless this is addressed, you can find yourself in a cycle of pain unable to gain long term solutions. Your body can be very creative in finding ways to compensate for your foot posture and alignment, in many cases resulting in leg, knee, hip or even lower back pain.

How we can help you

A Custom Orthotic is used as a treatment to replace the destructive and harmful forces going through your feet, and allow for healthy and pain free movements to occur. As we know the body functions as a sum of many different moving parts, and the customised design process of these devices allows us to target many of those different parts very specifically. Whether that be to reduce pain through your arches, improve movement through your big toe, or to prevent pressure accumulating through your knees or hips.

A Custom Orthotic can be used to treat an injury in response to pain, or used as a tool for prevention – to reduce the risk of a problem developing. This is particularly important in children, where we need to guide and support growing feet as they mature.

Who can Benefit from Orthotics?

A custom orthotic can provide benefit for almost anyone who spends time on their feet either standing, walking, or running to guide or correct your biomechanics.

  • Those suffering from foot, leg, hip or back pain
  • Those with active lifestyles
  • Children or the elderly
  • Elite sports people
  • Anyone wanting to improve the movement of their feet to prevent problems arising


No. A correctly designed Custom Orthotic should be very comfortable on your feet. They can be designed using a variety of different materials and styles to suit your needs. It is important to remember a new orthotic will require a short period of time to allow your body to adjust, after which they should be comfortable.

Footwear selection is very important. You need to be happy and comfortable with the shoes you are wearing, however they also need to work together with your Custom Orthotic to relieve your symptoms. Our highly accurate design technology allows us to create and style an orthotic device to suit a wide variety of footwear.

To get the best results, the shoe you are wearing needs to best allow the orthotic to do its job. This does create some limitations to shoe choices, however our 3D laser scanning and design process gives us the ability to shape the orthotic to suit many different shoe styles.

Yes, if you have Podiatry Extras cover with your health fund. We find that most funds entitle you to one pair of orthotics per year, so be sure not to let your health fund rebate go to waste!