James Matthew

Head All Star


James Matthew joined the PEAK Tribe as the Head All Star in January 2017 after moving from Edinburgh, Scotland in 2016 with his wife Anna. He has a young family and is settled on the right side of the river, the North!

After an award-winning career with Health and Fitness Management and as a semi-professional rugby union and touch footy referee, James was drawn to PEAK with its clearly defined vision, values and standards.  As you’d expect from the referee, James is someone who likes to understand the rules and apply them fairly and his role at PEAK allows for that.

James is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of all PEAK clinics with a focus on our Athlete (patient) experience. At the heart of every decision we make is the question, does this help create a Raving Fan Athlete? James enjoys the challenges that a growing business affords and this was a particularly appealing reason for joining the Tribe at a stage when we had less than 10 people in the Tribe. Fast forward less than 5 years and the PEAK bus has over 28 people on board, all helping our Athletes achieve experiences not felt possible. The diversity of our Tribe helps expand James’ own knowledge and challenge his opinions. Adopting a growth mindset has been a game changer for James since he starting at PEAK.

Away from PEAK, James can be found at the West End Markets, spending time with his beautiful family, enjoying Straddie or pretending to know what is a plant rather than a weed in his garden!