The Stride Club

A group of PEAK athletes dedicated to improving their running ability

The Stride Club - Not an ordinary running group

We believe that life is about creating memorable and enjoyable experiences, however after experiencing the pain of a career ending foot injury, Lachie Stanton soon realised that being restricted with what you can do physically, can soon impair your outlook on life.

Physical pain or injury can manifest as a limited belief system – we can begin to act with a restricted and negative mindset of what we believe is possible.

The Stride Club was created to help reverse this mindset, by focussing on improving your physical ability and overcoming injury… we do this through being a dedicated running program!

Lachie Stanton

Podiatrist and Runner

Focus on one STRIDE at a time

For some, being able to run pain free or taking up running for the first time can seem like an overwhelming task.

At the Stride Club, we think BIG but act SMALL, and break down a complex task into smaller achievable steps.

Through weekly running sessions we aim to individually improve our running ability by focussing on technique, speed, and interval training. We use the strength of the group to motivate and chase our goals, while understanding that we each have our own reasons for wanting to run.


Improve your technique

Balance your training

Become a stronger runner

Improve ​​​​​​​fitness

Reduce risk of pain & injury

Run for longer

Our Programs

At PEAK we cater for athletes at all stages of their running journey. From your initial running technique assessment, to 1 on 1 technique re-training sessions, finally to our group Stride Club sessions.

Detailed Running Technique Assessment


Comprehensive running biomechanics assessment

  • Individual assessment with our Podiatrist
  • Strength testing
  • Mobility testing
  • Technique analysis
  • Footwear assessment and advice

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* HICAPS and Private Health use available

1 on 1 Gait Re-training Sessions

30 mins

Follow up from your running assessment

  • Supervised technique training on the treadmill
  • Practice and refine your technique changes
  • Learn appropriate running drills
  • 30 min appointment with Podiatrist

* HICAPS and Private Health use available

Most Popular

The Stride Club

45 mins

Group training every week

  • When: Tuesday PM & Thursday AM
  • Where: Hawthorne Park
  • Time: Meet outside PEAK 5:20pm (Tues) / 5:20am (Thurs)
  • Bring: Running shoes & Water bottle.
  • First session FREE.

* HICAPS and Private Health use available