Running Biomechanics Assessment

At Peak we believe in removing your pain as quickly as possible, while also focusing on how to prevent it from returning. Running injuries are very common, and your technique may be contributing to your pain. To find the cause of your problem, and to begin our plan for prevention, we can perform a Running Biomechanics Assessment.

What is a Running Biomechanics Assessment?

A Running Biomechanics Assessment is an individual analysis of how your body is moving and functioning while you are running. We perform a musculoskeletal assessment of the function and strength of the major areas of your body that are involved with running. This is combined with a high-speed video analysis of your running technique. To get the most accurate results we perform the assessment either on the treadmill or outside, depending on where you do most of your running.

How can it help me?

  • Determine any underlying biomechanics or weaknesses that are contributing to your injury
  • Isolate areas of your running technique that are inefficient and making you work harder
  • Provides immediate visual feedback on your movement patterns while running
  • Determine the suitability of your footwear while running

Who can benefit?

  • Those looking to overcome running injuries
  • Existing runners wanting to develop a more efficient technique
  • Runners who would like to improve their performance
  • Those who are beginning to run, or have not run in a long time, who may be concerned about developing an injury


Yes, in most cases. Our Podiatrist, who has a special interest in running biomechanics, will perform your assessment. If you have Extras cover that includes Podiatry, you will receive an instant rebate from your health fund.