Michael Dawson

Physiotherapist and TPI Golf certified.
  • B. Phty
  • ART
  • GEMT Dry needling
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Titleist Performance Institute certified Physiotherapist

Area of Expertise

  • Dry needling
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Golf injuries, rehabilitation, and performance training
  • Crossfit mobility screening
  • Crossfit injury management and prevention programs
  • Clinical pilates



Michael Dawson is a physiotherapist at PEAK Sports And Spine Centre. He is a Titleist Performance Institute certified Physiotherapist allowing him to work with golfers of any level to help them reduce their pain as a result of injury, design an injury prevention program, or optimise your golf with specific golf performance exercises. He has a network of golf professionals to ensure a team based approach is used to ensure you can optimise your body to optimise your swing.

Michael is also a crossfit enthusiast, and therefore integrates his own knowledge  and understanding of the sport coupled with his passion for physiotherapy to help crossfitters of all abilities.  He has an intricate understanding of the demands of crossfit and tailors his rehab and performance plans to the individual.

His approach is to perform manual therapy to allow you to feel better, move better and perform better. This coupled with the right exercise approach allows long term health changes to help athletes achieve experiences not felt possible.

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