Prevention Is Key

At Peak Sports And Spine Centre, we understand the value of a carefully tailored exercise program, which we often use to supplement our Brisbane physiotherapy programs that our patients undergo.

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What is Exercise Prescription?

When drafting an exercise prescription for a patient, our team of Brisbane physiotherapists and practitioners carefully select which exercises are best for the patient’s health, physical condition and needs, with the goal of reaching his/her desired fitness goals.

Given the wide range of services Peak Sports And Spine Centre offers, we are able to take a holistic approach in developing exercise prescriptions for patients. We do this through the thorough assessment and treatment of patients’ problems. Our aim is to tailor a program or service to your specific needs and help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

Exercise Prescription

How does it work?

Peak Sports And Spine Centre’s practitioners make use of the latest medical breakthroughs and technologies to provide innovative, yet safe and effective treatments. Our wide range of techniques allows us to stay ahead of our peers in the field, all while providing you with the latest treatments and advice in the world of physiotherapy.

Exercise Prescription


With our carefully developed exercise programs, we can provide the best possible rehabilitation results that extend beyond the purview of physiotherapy, which not only treats injuries, but also promotes long-term management and prevention against future problems.

Instead of lapsing into a sedentary lifestyle after recovering from an injury, an exercise prescription can help patients get back and stay in shape without re-injuring themselves. It’s our way of ensuring that patients stay healthy after receiving treatment.

Who can Benefit?

  • People who want to improve performance
  • Those who want to improve strength and flexibility
  • Anyone who wants to reduce their risk of injury